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"Sunny" is the third in the series of weather picture books "Weather Tales" - a picture book on the topic of meteorology. Their goal is to educate - bring some frequently mentioned meteorological terms closer to children, so that they can later better understand and benefit from meteorological information, especially in this era of increasingly obvious climate changes and global warming.

The theme of "Sunny" is the sun. With the little girl Sunčica (Sunshine), children learn what the sun is, its advantages and disadvantages - positive and negative sides. Here are also the recommended protective measures for different UV indices - indicators of the danger of UV radiation on the skin - listed.

"Sunny" is not only a picture story, but also has rebuses, anagrams, crosswords, and even a colouring book.

Naklada Vakula
Zoran Vakula
Translated by:
Sandra Dujmušić
Nik Titanik
Design and prepress:
Lumako tim d. o. o.
220 x 220 mm
Number of pages:
Zagreb, March 2024

"Sunny" is the first weather picture book from the "Weather Tales" series that also has a theatrical performance by the Mali Teatar. The premiere was in May 2022 at the CKIM (The Center for Culture and Information at Maksimir) in Zagreb, which helped prepare the play.

More information about "Sunny" in Croatian is available "Novosti" on the pages of Naklada Vakula.

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